About Dr. Volt

Dr. Huayqui Volt

My life has always been deeply guided by the relationship between body and soul, the physical and the emotional, the mind and the heart, science and nature. I was lucky enough, as a child, to be able to enjoy the privileges of life in the countryside such as long hikes through infinite paths, endless walks gathering wild flowers, or venture through the woods identifying plants and animals. At the same time, I became restless to discover how the world functioned through my love for mechanics, physics, mathematics, and biology.

Science: “It will neither be the bankers, nor the politicians, nor the lawyers who will save this planet, but you, the biologists”; my father told me this on his first visit to Granada, Spain, where I was living and studying biology at the time, and this sentence has defined my academic studies since then. His words have accompanied me all along the different stages of my professional growth, as encouragement and advice whenever I had to find my way. This is how I came to pursue a Master in Advanced Biotechnology, so I could study phytosanitary treatments as alternative to pesticides, and decided to do my PhD thesis on Biomedicine, with the idea of collecting new data that might improve diagnosis, treatment and prevention of health problems through biomedical research.

Throughout his research period, Dr. Huayqui Volt has presented his work at different international scientific meetings publishing several articles in high-impact journals (Learn more). 

Recently, several scientific articles have cited the work of Dr. Huayqui Volt due to the possible therapeutic use of melatonin against COVID-19 (Learn more).

Nature: the love of plants and the knowledge of their therapeutic effects come from my mother. Since my childhood, I have watched her carefully pick all kinds of plants to use them as extracts, maceration oils or floral waters to try and relieve all kinds of physical, psychological, and emotional conditions. This might be the reason why, once I finished my PhD, I started developing an increasing interest in phytotherapy, more precisely in the molecules present in the therapeutic components of plants, and ways to implement them.

Science and nature: the convergence of these two concepts, my parents’ influence, added to the cutting-edge technological innovations in cosmetics, have allowed me to create synergies and formulas able to generate far-reach and efficient phytoterapeutic actions, reaching a perfect symbiosis between science and nature.

  • Biology Degree from the University of Granada
  • Master degree in Advanced Biotechnology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
  • Biomedicine PhD from the University of Granada.
  • Research stay at the Trinity College of Dublin.
  • Master Degree in Dermopharmacy and Cosmetic Formulation at the Universidad Internacional of La Rioja.
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