Regenerative medicine and natural cosmetics


In its pursuit to find the perfect symbiosis between nature and the latest in technological innovation, Dr. Volt has created a unique line inspired by regenerative medicine and research associated with natural cosmetics.

The Premium Anti-aging line of Dr. Volt combines True Biotic technology with the regenerative power of cannabidiol (CBD), hyaluronic acid and other plant active ingredients, which repair and regenerate skin cells, allowing to recover its luminosity and vitality.


Throughout our life there are many moments in which we suffer discomfort, pain and all kinds of skin disorders related to our own development, the pace of life we lead and external circumstances. For this reason, Dr. Volt has created the Natural Therapeutic line. Designed to provide relief and well-being, it contains cannabidiol and other plant active ingredients that, thanks to their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and regenerative effects, protect and help restore the natural balance of skin cells.


We have become used to living at a frenetic pace due to the demands with which we face day-to-day tasks. This rush can lead to an increase in our stress and anxiety levels, which prevents us from being able to relax and rest. For this reason, Dr. Volt has created the CBD oil line so you can enjoy all its benefits in a fast, effective and enhanced way.

Our organic MCT oil-based formula, rich in saturated fatty acids that facilitate the absorption of cannabidiol, contains organic CBD, as well as natural terpenes that increase its therapeutic effect.

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